GRB – Excavator Grading Beam

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Introducing the GRB – the ultimate solution for surface levelling and grading work on roads and larger land areas. Our grading beam is meticulously engineered to provide superior performance, durability, and versatility. You can trust our well-thought-out design to help you achieve professional results with ease and efficiency.

Machine type

Backhoe loader, Large excavator, Mini excavator, Wheel loader

Machine weight

3 – 4 t, 4 – 6 t, 6 – 9 t, 9 – 12 t, 12 – 16 t, 16 – 19 t, 19 – 23 t, 23 – 29 t, 29 – 35 t


Grading, Road construction

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Attachment Engineered for Precision, Efficiency, and Versatility

Our expert engineers have designed the GRB Grading Beam with a focus on providing precise and efficient levelling performance. A grading beam is an attachment designed for the **leveling and finishing** phase of a project. Unlike a grading bucket, the beam provides a flat and consistent surface, making it ideal for fine leveling and smoothing out the ground.

By combining robust construction, high-quality materials, and innovative design features, we have created a grading beam that will transform your surface levelling and grading projects. Our grading beam is the perfect tool for construction professionals, road maintenance crews, and landscapers alike.

The GRB Grading Beam is available in a range of sizes, suitable for machines from two tons up to 40 tons. Its extendable side beams and compatibility with tiltrotators make it incredibly versatile and adaptable to your specific needs. Whether you need to level a small patch of land or tackle a large-scale road construction project, our grading beam will deliver consistent, high-quality results.


Product Overview:

At Hydro-Instal Attachments we have a range of grading beams for excavators:


The Standard model—equipped with a roller

Provides greater control and smoother grades. It’s ideal for projects requiring meticulous attention to detail and surface uniformity.

The Premium hydraulic-tilting model

With 45 degrees of tilt both sides. Ensuring complete control over the grading process, this model is for professionals who settle for nothing but the best.

The Basic model

Shines in its simplicity, offering all the foundational benefits of a grading beam without added complexities. Perfect for straightforward leveling tasks, it exemplifies effectiveness and value. Without roller.


Each version offers unique features and benefits, catering to specific grading needs and equipment capabilities.

Understanding the differences between these versions will help end-users choose the most suitable option for their projects.


Applications and Benefits


Effective Leveling and Grading

The diverse applications of our grading beams range from creating the foundation for architectural projects to crafting a clean canvas for landscapers. The efficiency of leveling and grading with our beams is incomparable, significantly reducing project timelines and elevating the quality of the finished work.

Enhancing Efficiency in Construction

Our Grading Beam is designed to streamline the construction process, offering faster job completion times without sacrificing quality. The ability to quickly adapt to different project sizes and conditions means operators can tackle various tasks with confidence, from grading for foundations to sculpting landscapes. The result? You’re not just working harder; you’re working smarter, allowing you to move seamlessly from one project to the next.


Product Features:


Wide Range of Sizes:

Available for machines from two tons up to 40 tons, and widths from 1250mm to 3500mm.

High-Quality Wear Bars:

HB500 abrasion-resistant steel wear bars under the entire structure for a long service life.

HB500 Cutting Edge:

Durable and robust cutting edge at the front of the beam.

Bolt-On Bracket / Adapter:

Allows dealers to keep fewer grading beams of the same size in stock.

Robust Design:

Made from strong construction steel for maximum durability.

Extendable Side Beams:

500mm bolt-on side beams provide additional depth and capacity when needed.

Tiltrotator & quick hitch compatibility:

Works seamlessly with tiltrotators for increased versatility.

Adjustable Roller:

Can be moved both up and down to accommodate different grading tasks.

High-Quality Bearings:

Roller features high-quality bearings for smooth operation.

Secure Bearing to Roller Connection:

Engineered connection is protected from mechanical damage.

Hydraulic-Tilting Version:

Optional hydraulic tilting feature for added functionality.

Laser Levelling System Ready:

Prepared for the installation of a laser system for enhanced precision.

Benefits of Using a Grading Beam with Your Excavator or Mini Excavator

Empowering your mini excavator with a grading beam attachment leads to a multitude of benefits:

  • Higher Efficiency: Grading beams streamline the leveling process, allowing you to complete projects faster.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced labor and operational costs as the need for manual intervention is minimized.
  • Improved Accuracy: Guarantee precise slopes and surfaces without the trial and error of manual grading.

Benefit | Impact
——- | ————————————-
Enhanced Efficiency | Completing tasks at a quicker pace
Cost-Efficiency | Saving on labor and reduced machine wear
Precision and Accuracy | Creating perfect slopes and grades

Table 1: Benefits of Integrating a Grading Beam into Your Operations

When we apply our expertise to develop these beams, we’re focusing on your success in the field. By enhancing your excavator with our grading beams, you can expect your project outcomes to significantly improve.

FAQs About Grading Beams

Potential clients often have questions regarding the usage and benefits of grading beams for mini and full size excavators. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

Q: Can grading beams be used on mini excavators? A: Grading beams are adaptable and can fit various models with the correct attachment system.

Q: How often should I perform maintenance on my grading beam? A: Regular maintenance should be conducted according to usage frequency, with a thorough inspection before each use.

Q: Are grading beams suitable for all types of terrain? A: While grading beams are incredibly versatile, extremely rocky or uneven terrain may require specialized attachments or methods.

Upgrade Your Grading Capabilities

Our GRB Grading Beam with Extensions exemplifies our dedication to providing innovative and high-quality construction attachments that meet and exceed customer expectations. With its robust design, adaptable features, and compatibility with various machines, our grading beam is the ideal choice for professionals seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their surface levelling and grading projects.
Ready to elevate your grading and levelling projects? Contact us today to learn more about the GRB Grading Beam with Extensions and discover how it can revolutionise your work on roads and larger land areas!

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GRB – Excavator Grading Beam
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